• ELİZ Global Lojistik

    Eliz Global Logistics

    Logistics Services

    By Road & Air & Sea

  • ELİZ Global Lojistik

    Eliz Global Logistics

    Logistics Services

    By Road & Air & Sea

Eliz Global Services


Contacting the lines directly, we are with you for the opportunity to work with special discounted freights within the scope of the contract and for choosing the most convenient transport type for your loads!

Eliz Global Logistics About

As Eliz Global Ltd.Şti, we provide service in Logistics industry with our broad and widespread agency and warehouse networks.

As a reliable solution partner with our customer-oriented approach, fast service and track system, we offer complete and partial transportation services to European Countries

Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Netherlands / Belgium

Global Logistics

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    Research & Development

    Necessary sector analysis and research is done before forwarding.

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    All preparations are provided so that no disruptions occur.

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    It is offered to you, our valuable customers, in the most appropriate and quickest way.

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    All official documents and logistics processes are informed.

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    And all deliveries occur as planned without any problem.

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Contact us for your all questions and comments.

Legislation, customs laws and regulations and the most updated announcements are on elizlogistics.com.

Quick, reliable and perfect transportation!

Delivery Principles

As Eliz Global Logistics; operation with all stages under control; tracking and informing processes of the cargo until the delivery of the cargo in export and import.

Special Equipment

Transportation services for loads that require special equipments and vehicles

Correct Instruction

In accordance with your loading method and letters of credit, accurate and error-free preparations

eliz logistics

Tracking the Delivery

Possibility to track the voyage via satellite, the internet and mobile phone


Tracking and information processes until delivery of cargo in import and export

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